Mindful and Contemplative, Process Oriented Mandala Making

Explore mandala history with practice, interdisciplinary visual art with specific ritual and sound healing processed with deep contemplative reflection and exploration through this trauma sensitive mindfulness based program. Perfect for yogi's, teachers, caregivers, artists and non artists alike, working with the elderly, counselors, behavior health workers and holistic coaches. We use multi-modal (art, music, movement, writing), to go deep into the process of using the mandala means for deeper connection to spirit and self. Perfect for nervous system regulation, stress reduction and development of mindfulness and meditation practices.

What's in the Program?

You'll explore Jessica's original process of Zen Painting© and the uses of the mandala from a variety of different paths, mindfulness practices, contemplative reflective practice, methods of instruction and facilitation as well as receive hundreds of pages of resources, original designs/color/template books, method and practice demonstrations, ritual and healing components as more!

Mandala Types:

  • Multiple Methods of Mindfulness Based Mandala Making
  • Breath Mandalas
  • Love Mandalas
  • Gratitude and Intention Setting Mandalas
  • Inner Peace Mandalas
  • Affirmation and Mantra Mandalas
  • Zen Painting Mandalas

Over 20 different mandala methods that embrace 2D in printing, painting, drawing, collage, natural elements, digital and photography.

Audio and video meditations, mindfulness practices, sound and movement practices and reflections are included for you.

Workbook, coloring book and construction kits included.

Self-paced, lifetime access and support available at the end of your keyboard. You can also request, for an additional fee, 1:1 coaching with Jess.

Multiple Types of Mandala Making

Learn Zen Painting©

Explore Multiple Types of Media for Mandala Making

No protractor or compass needed. This is process art.

Just because you don't need to make a very precise, perfectly drawn mandala, doesn't mean you can't do it though! I will take you through 20 specific process oriented, unique therapeutically oriented mandalas processes, provide you with the warmups, mindfulness/breathwork and reflection processes as well, to help move you into deeper self discovery. Through this, you will in turn, be able to help others experience the activities and have the opportunity to provide them a way to explore themselves.

This is not an art therapy program and should not be used to replace therapy.

Upon completing the specialist program, you will send in 10 completed mandalas with reflections and then receive a certificate of completion that verifies your title and graduation from the program.

We explore intuitive, expressive interdisciplinary art making through mixed media, painting, sculpture, drawing and printing. More than 20 different process oriented, mindfulness based, mandala sessions with special hour long workshops included.

You'll learn about the historical uses of the mandala, rituals associated with them, create your own all while learning new methods and practicing art making.

Discover contemplative practice, practicing the core attitudes of mindfulness, reflection and contemplation influenced by ancient tradition and the Center for Action and Contemplation.

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Your fees go towards helping us keep the homeless warm.

In 2022 we officially became a 501c3 organization, recognized by the IRS as a public benefit nonprofit. 65% of our proceeds go to individual homelessness assistance to street people in the Kansas City area through hot meals, mylar blankets and warm kits and hygiene kits.