Decompress and Energize

Engage in Mindfulness Meditation and play based artmaking with simple materials, engaging in mind-body-spirit (we call Trinity) attunement, promoting self regulation and developing your mindfulness and contemplative practice. No experience Required. We follow MBSR 9 Attitudes Foundations additionally with HeartMath Breathwork from our HeartMath Certified Clinical Provider and use intuitive exploration and play with contemplative reflection. A variety of media are explored.

Engage in Moving Meditation through Mindful Expressive Arts

"Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”

-Thich Nhat Hahn

The act of breathing can be a moving meditation, as can walking a labyrinth, mindful walking, mindful authentic movement activities like QiGong and Yoga, and yes,... creating art, music and writings. The expressive arts embrace all methods of creating artistically. We call it Multimodal. For many of us, particularly those new or that struggle with meditation and becoming still or silent, moving meditations and mindfulness practices are the answer. The fact is, from a nervous system standpoint, those who have experience traumatic events, particularly chronic levels of it, toxic stress and even high levels of healthy stress, the pace of our daily lives and state of our world makes getting to these idealized states difficult and frustrating. The exact opposite of what we want it to invoke.

Thousands of years ago our tribal cultures in every continent discovered the power of mindful arts. From dancing ceremonial circles, to beadwork, to Enso and Islamic designs. In the 1970's Jon Kabat Zinn, MD and several others, created the ground breaking practice called MBSR that is now the gold standard of mindfulness stress reduction for healthcare throughout the country. There are a variety of practices, both ancient and modern, that engage in the moving mindfulness and meditation practices.

Here, we embrace all art forms. We start with learning MBSR based mindfulness and move into different practices found in Yoga, Chinese Medicine and indigenous practice. We embrace the mysticism of the unraveling and noticing's of the things the loud noise of the world and our minds keep us from. In the practice, we learn to become aware; detailed, fine point, awareness of our body, mind, thoughts and emotions. As we move and work with the breath in the art making process, we engage ourselves and connect in new realms allowing stream of consciousness, intuitive creation. This teaches us to let go. To engage in nonjudgement. To be grateful and find awe.

Learn the QPR Process

The QPR process, designed by Jessica Waters, PhD, is the foundation of all of our work here at the Center. You'll learn to quiet your system through a variety of ways. Most people think of Zen sits in the monasteries when they think of mindfulness and quiet. Mindfulness, is the beginning. Quieting can take on many forms but always includes the breath.

Release to Play and Non-Judgement

When we were toddlers, we were perhaps our purest creators. Open hearted, our mind purely exploring, unafraid to explore our world. As Picasso says, "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child". When we engage in the pureness of play, releasing judgement, miraculous world are formed and states of calm and connection are abundant.

Listen. Hear.

Reflection often gets stuck in the mind and finds rumination. Here you'll learn use the process to truly hear what your guides and Soul Speak are telling you and new worlds are discovered.

Start Your Moving Mindful and Meditative Art Practice Now!

You get multiple mindful and meditative art exercises and several 90 minute workshop videos that demonstrate multiple processes for mindful art making engaging in our special Q.P.R. process. You are taught how to use materials, engage in simple mindfulness practices and focus on developing awareness and letting go in these exercises. Multiple hours of content.