The Center for Therapeutic Expressive Arts

offers you a chance to learn, explore and teach Trauma Sensitive, Mindful Meditative Art for groups and individual coaching sessions through this 250 hour program, accredited by the CTAA, IMMA and the IMMAAA, The International Mindful and Meditative Art Accreditation Association.

About the Program

Become a Trauma Sensitive Mindful Meditative Art Facilitator and Life Coach

A mindful and meditative expressive arts facilitator is someone who leads mindfulness and meditative practices, combining them with art making that creates a sense of mindfulness or moving meditation. The Foundations of this Online Mindful and Meditative Art Facilitator and Coach Certification Program, includes 250 hrs of Trauma-informed Expressive Arts and Mindfulness practices form a certified mindfulness teacher, licensed art teacher and therapist and clinical trauma professional who possesses extensive work in expressive arts therapy and facilitation. Facilitators can work with small or large groups and 1:1. With life coaching training, it enhances your ability to coach your clients into even deeper levels of connecting with themselves.  

Mindful Expressive Arts embody visual art, music, performing arts, narrative art, dance and film and the process takes you through a format for running groups that incorporates a variety of methods of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork. Courses are expressive arts based incorporating music, poetry, film, drama, dance, etc. The program explores how to facilitate groups in workshops of self discovery, intuitive processes and well as meditative and mindfulness based art making. Art has it's own language and speaks volumes in that language when words cannot be found. Including the expressive arts of writing, movement and music deepen the practice. This program has focused strongly on expressive art, but also includes instruction on how to use writing, music and movement with it.

It is process oriented, meaning it is expressive, intuitive and allows and focuses more on the process involved in making the art than the end product.

You will be taught how to make your mindful and meditative art practices trauma sensitive, the basic fundamentals of understanding how trauma impacts the brain, core elements of the ACE study, it's impact on the body, be introduced to historical and intergenerational trauma and learn the therapeutic benefit of a trauma sensitive mindful and meditative arts practice.

This is a one of a kind program that does not exist currently anywhere else. We are the only Mindful and Meditative Art program accredited by all three accrediting bodies and have been awarded the designation from the International Mindful and Meditative Art Accreditation Association as a Highly Qualified Program.

Expressive Arts Facilitators might be intuitive/expressive artists, counselors, academics, psychologists, social workers, teachers, nurses, yogi's, mindfulness teachers and practitioners, wellness coaches, youth group leaders and other helping professionals, such as non-profit workers and volunteers. 

Some facilitators of workshops have a knack for just knowing how to support people who are in their workshops. Others have never been in front of individuals in a workshop setting before, leading a workshop and need guidance. Some come to this work as intuitive healers and wise souls. Either way, if you have been drawn here, it is for a reason and we hope your path opens you to the abundance and jewels of the universe. You can even just go through the training to learn new things for yourself! 

No art experience is required. No degree is required.  This is not artmaking for a product to sell, to look good or to go on a wall. It can of course, but the entire purpose is using art to connect to your inner self, your soul, the universe, God, Creator. To honor the energy that runs through us and around us. To learn to listen to our inner self, develop our intuition and to learn to play and let go. Creating together on individual and collective art projects connect individuals coming together in community.

Complete the content at your own pace. Complete the practice logs, the written workshop lesson plans and the facilitation practices as well as the other core courses for this certification and you will be ready to lead your own workshops, consult with individual clients or start your own mindful art business. 

The program is accredited through the Complimentary Therapists Accreditation Association (as a Mindfulness, Meditation or Art Therapist (UK only) the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (as a Meditation or Mindfulness Teacher) and the International Mindfulness and Meditative Art Accreditation Association. We provide quality instruction and the necessary training to gain the CIMAP, CIMAF/CIMAT, RMACP or RMAT designations for all our graduates. Graduates of the program are waived the initial application fee for their designation with application and a signed code of ethics. Renewal fees are required to be paid by the student. Learn about IMMAAA Accreditation and Credentialing here.

What Is Mindful Meditative Art?

Mindful Meditative Art is process oriented meaning were not focusing on a sellable product or a pretty picture to have at the end of your session.

Mindful Meditative Art focuses on developing the 9 Attitudes of mindfulness as identified in MBSR through art focused activities.

Mindful Meditative art is a moving meditation that you consciously engage in with focused, non judgmental awareness.

Mindful Meditative Art takes no formal art training or developed skills. Anyone can do it.

The Mindful Meditative Art program at The Center for Therapeutic Expressive Arts (CTEA) focuses on developing your practice as a Mindful Meditative Art Teacher and Facilitator while providing you with the skills and curriculum to teach and lead Mindful Meditative Art session for groups and individuals.

Mindful Meditative Art is a self exploratory practice that assists in consciousness awareness and self healing.

Mindful Meditative Art can be self healing and while it can have therapeutic benefit it is not art therapy. While CTAA will credential you in the UK as a complimentary art therapist, this program does NOT provide the necessary academic training to become licensed as an art therapist in any country.

Multiple Media, Methods and Techniques with Group Facilitation Education
Education and guidance on in person and virtual group workshop facilitation as well as how to run Mindful Art Life Coaching sessions (sample curriculum included). We explore watercolor, mixed media, collage, basic printmaking, multiple types of mandalas and meditative mark making as well as Mindful Affirmation Art. Over 17 booklets and over 1000 pages of graphics, scripts, templates for mindful art, curriculum guides, journals, and teaching resources are included for download.

Mindfulness Education with MBSR as Foundation

You'll learn the foundations of MBSR based mindfulness including the 9 Attitudes, practices, grounding and breathwork while learning how to create a trauma sensitive mindfulness practice. Various types of meditation practices are included so you have a variety of experiences to explore. You are required to keep a log of your practice hours in mindfulness, mindful art , breathwork, grounding and meditation. You'll learn to write a lesson plan to pull your entire workshop together. We are currently the only program in the U.S. that is accredited by the IMMAAA with a Highly Qualified Program Designation. We are also accredited by the CTAA (UK) and the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (IMMA).

Tons of Resources!

You'll receive over 1000 pages of downloadable resources in mindfulness, mindful art, group facilitation, 1:1 Mindful Art Coaching, curriculum art templates and workbooks. Mindful Art Value Sort Game, downloadable chakra cards, meditation scripts, and more, all downloadable for you to keep.

The Creative Goodness You'll Receive

  • Over 100 lessons in trauma informed mindful meditative art education and practice development Trauma sensitive mindfulness applications and education
  • More than 50 different Mindful and Meditative Art Activities with extensions.
  • 17 Booklets, over 1000 pages with resources for each module
  • The Sacred Self Values Sort Game that includes 3 different open ended expressive art activities to do with clients
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Downloadable Infographics to use with your sessions
  • Downloadable assessments, lesson plans, Mindful Art Curriculum sample, meditation scripts, hand outs and forms for your practice
  • Training in MBSR core mindfulness practices, an overview of a variety of different meditation styles. practice logs, videos, audios and more
  • Process oriented mindful art making with expressive arts extensions in writing, music and movement
  • Mindful Art exercises in mixed media, collage, painting, drawing, and process oriented mandala making, with demonstration video,
  • Instruction, resources and support with group workshop and individual
  • Mindful Art Life Coaching for both in person and virtual sessions from a seasoned teacher, therapist and doctoral level practitioner
  • A certificate stating your completion of the program and certification status
  • Complimentary fee credit to apply for the CIMAF/CIMAT, CIMAP, RMACP or RMAT credential

On completion of this course, you will have access to join the CTAA if you please. As a member of the CTAA you will receive these benefits:

  • A Professional Certificate showing that you have full membership with CTAA as a Practitioner.
  • Access to discounted Therapist Practitioner Insurance with your membership (subject to their Insurance Partners)
  • Access to their CTAA
  • Logo to place on your Website/Social
  • Media/Email
  • Free CTAA Directory
  • Listing
  • Have the opportunity to write a blog/article within the complementary therapy field that you work, that will be shared on their Website and Social Media to enable you to reach a larger audience and have exposure to yourself and your website.

You will also gain the benefits of the International Mindful and Meditative Art Accreditation Association which includes:

  • A Highly Qualified Program Graduate Designation
  • Access to Members Only Area
  • Credentialing Letter, Certificate and Designation that allows you to present yourself as a Highly Qualified Mindful and Meditative Art Teacher/Facilitator, Professional or a Registered Mindful and Meditative Art Certified Professional or Therapist (for those with appropriate graduate degrees).
Earn your Certification from a designated Highly Qualified Program with three different accrediting body accreditations.

Where your fees go...

This is our Seva, contributing to humanity one person at a time. Become an extension of this mission.

Join us!

Your tuition and fees allows us to provide hygiene and warm kits for the homeless in Kansas City.

To provide low cost mental health care for those with no insurance and low incomes.

To provide holistic mental wellness coaching, yoga and complimentary medicine practices to those at low, accessible rates.

Join me, in helping make your community and the world a better, healthier place.

I'm Jessica Waters and I'll be your instructor for this and most of the courses at the institute. I have a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology/Psychology, a D Min. in Holistic Ministry Counseling based in New Thought, and various interfaith mystics, metaphysical and progressive traditions, an MFA in Interdiscplinary Arts, Masters in Applied Psychology and post graduate study in the areas of trauma, neuroscience, social emotional learning, positive psychology, the Latin American healing practice of Curanderismo, transpersonal psychology and counseling as well as creative arts and expression. I've studied, experienced and utilized expressive arts therapy and spiritual practices for my own healing, in education and in therapy with others as well as educational workshops for the past 40+ years. I've a certified mindfulness instructor with a background heavy in MBSR and MMFT as well as RAIN and many other methods of insight meditation. I have studied and been a Bhakti yoga practitioner for more than 20 years combined with my indigenous roots (Anishinaabe-Ottawa/Ojibwe/European) and Shamanic/Animistic learnings and mentoring, my Quaker roots, progressive Christianity founded in mysticism, Buddhist, Sufi, Sikh and New Thought/CSL/Unity traditions. I'm offering my education, training, experiences to help each of you develop not only a path for a new, meaningful line of work but also, more importantly, for developing yourself and leading people in experiences that can help them become better humans... cuz let's face it... we need more good humans. We are all connected, like the spider web. As Chief Seattle said so many years ago, "what we do to the web, we do to ourselves". Here, we better ourselves to better the web.

Kindred Spirit Testimonials

"Thank you for creating. I finally found a course that resonates with me. I want to use this to assist with my yoga workshop and future trauma-sensitive yoga classes."

"I have LOVED this module. I can already feel a big shift in my energy as I do these art projects. Thank you again for another amazing lesson."

"I've paid 2-3 times as much for trainings with not even half the content and resources you provide in this program. I love what you've done and am already using these ideas and mindfulness practices in my counseling sessions."

"Thank you so much for this program. It has changed my life and I am now pursing an art therapy degree because of the inspiration I received here."

"This program will help me reach out and serve the people in my community that struggle with abuse, poverty and trauma. This is exactly what I was looking for and what I need. I am home."

"I just love how you teach in your workshops. The energy flowing from you is amazing."

Choose a Pricing Option

Why Teach Mindful Meditative Art Online or In-Person?

In the grand scheme of things, it was not long ago that connection to distant regions was possible only by telephone call, boat, or plane. Technology has boomed in recent decades, giving birth to online training programs and classes.

As a mindful meditative art teacher, opportunities to hold sessions both online, reaching a global audience, and in-person in your local community are available! Reasons for including virtual sessions include:

  • Pandemic safety
  • Ability to access a wider, more global audience
  • Increased ease of access for participants
  • Ability to easily record and return to teachings
  • Ability to teach live and/or by pre-recorded session
  • Depending on who you are and who your audience is, online mindful meditative art classes may be well-suited for you. Online teachings do not have to replace in-person classes entirely. In fact, many teachers are offering hybrids with both online and in-person classes.
  • If you are new to teaching mindfulness and meditation and want to learn how to include process art for a heightened experience and practice you can also consider our online, self pace, certification program.

“Our work is to educate people that the ultimate source of the happy individual, happy family, happy community, and finally happy humanity—even happy world—ultimately depends on warm-heartedness. This is not just the concern of religious people; it is the concern of humanity as a whole.”

-The Dalai Lama-


Are there live components to the program? Not at this time. The program is self paces and online with continuous email and discussion group support. Coaching sessions are available for a reduced rate for 1:1 sessions.

What makes your program different from the other that I'm looking at? There are several differences in the programs. First is the qualifications of myself, the instructor. As of this writing, I know no one else who offers Mindful or Meditative Art programs that are at the doctoral level, a credentialed counselor with all of the extensive expressive arts and art therapy work I've accomplished as well as my certification credentials. Second, our program is based in MBSR and teaches components of that method. Third, the program is 250 hours, not a much shorter program.

Fourth, the resources you get are significantly more than the other programs. All these resources can be utilized with your clients and groups, they simply cannot be sold and the authors must be credited. Fifth, we have additional accreditations that the other programs do not and are designated a High Quality program. Sixth, you get a curriculum that helps you and facilitation support that is practical, creating program plans and lesson plans to use in the future. There are also significantly more expressive art making experience within the content of the program than with the other programs. These are the main differences.

Do you offer scholarships? On a limited bases depending on your situation. The limit is 100.00 off.

Do I need art experience or a background in art or mindfulness to complete this program? No. Not at all. This program teaches you how to develop your personal program as well.

Is your program trauma informed? Yes. It is more than trauma informed as it is trauma sensitive and based in trauma sensitive mindfulness and taught my myself who received Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness training from Dr. David Treleavan and am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with multiple credentials and training from some of the world's top experts in trauma treatment and research. I've also studied and been involved in trauma education in multiple levels since 1999.

Does your program include yoga? Our program includes movement. So that means yes, there is some yoga, there are also different forms of contemplative movement.

Does your program focus only on art? No. The program is multi-modal, meaning that we incorporate music, all visual art methods, writing and movement. All activities have extensions into these areas.

Is your content repeated from your other course or subscription offerings? The only content that is repeated is 1 lesson from Art of the Breath and a Contemplative Watercolor Activity. ALL the remaining content is different from any of the other courses or subscriptions that we offer.

Do you provide refunds? We want you to have a great, supported experience, however due to the digital nature of the program, we do not offer refunds.

Is there a timeline to complete the program? No. Not at all and you get to keep the content for as long as you want.

Can I get CEU's if I am a therapist or substance abuse counselor? At this time no. We've been looking at how to do that through NAADAC and other bodies for substance abuse counselors for awhile and there just isn't a way they would credential the entire program due to the 250 clock hours as their programs are a maximum of 40. But we are looking at developing specific single workshops for CEU's through NAADAC coming up.

I'm an enrolled student from when the program was on Coursecraft. Is the content different from when it was there? Yes. There are significant updates to the curriculum and additional resources and art making experiences, so I recommend going through and taking a look.

I can't log in to Teachable or can't find your school on my Teachable dashboard. Access can be sent again, just email us and let us know at [email protected]

If I am a prior graduate can I still qualify for the IMMAAA credentialing? Yes. There should be no issue with that and it is free for the credentialing due to our agreement with them. You simply have to pay the renewal fee each year.

Does your program promote a specific religious or spiritual practice? No. It is energy inclusive acknowledging the science that has show energy is everywhere. We work with mindfulness which is not religious. Mindfulness is a tenant of Buddhism, however this program is educational not religious in nature. We do consider the program spiritual as it can, for many, connect you to something deep within your Sacred Self.

Does your program include Sound Healing Certification? No. While we use different modes of sound healing in select exercises, it is not a Sound Healing Certification program.