Navigating Grief is Complicated

Grief comes in all kinds of situations. It doesn't have to be the death of someone, but it often is. Non-Death grief consists of breakups, job losses, custody losses, chronic illness with the sense of a loss of your former life, etc. Death associated grief comes in all kinds of spectrums as well. In this short course that's online and self paced, I'll lead you through HeartLight Center in Denver's 4 session grief work program that's an overview of navigation of grief. This isn't for someone who has suffered tragic grief within the last couple months. However, it is valuable to understanding grief and loss, your rights as a griever, the myths of grief and how to use expressive arts making to start to process, love yourself and integrate grief into your life. We are a partner organization with HeartLight Center, a non-profit whose focus is solely on grief work, groups, workshops and trainings in the Denver metro area. Groups and trainings are also offered online.

What To Expect in the Course

The curriculum supports all types of losses. Participants will receive a downloadable workbook designed by HeartLight Center with supplemental materials focusing on self compassion and self love designed by Dr. Waters.

Week One: Building Memorials- Learn how to honor your loved one by building memorials. Select photos, memorabilia, colligable items that honor your loved one or hold good memories. Identifying self regulation strategies.

Week Two: Letter Writing- Write a letter to someone or something to share more about your loss, experiences and person. You are encouraged to add music with your letter. Self compassion exploration activities for hard emotions as well.

Week Three: Journaling -Discover your style of journaling and how this can help you reflect on your experiences and progress through your grief journey. Various styles of journaling will be explored and more self love and compassion.

Week Four: Goal Setting with Milestones -Learn how to set goals with milestones to help track progress toward a goal you set in exploring life moving forward while honoring your grief. Vision boards for this process will be explored with time to create.

We run cycles of this group throughout the year in online, virtual events so please see our website if you'd l like to attend those.

For this course, here, online, self paced, you can join at any time and it is open to anyone, regardless of how long or how new your grief process is. Registration includes a downloadable version of the workbook and is 35.00 for the entire course.

Your fee goes to assist others with homeless warm kits and low cost mental wellness and counseling services with an additional donation to HeartLight Center.

What’s the difference between Facing the Mourning and a support group?

There are two types of groups, open and closed groups. An open-group support group means anyone can join at anytime. There is not a curriculum or set agenda, the group is different each time. HeartLight has virtual open support groups usually meet monthly.

Facing the Mourning is a closed support group, which means it is the same people each time. Facing the Mourning has a curriculum for each week and meets four weeks in a row. The option that we utilize here at CTEA is is this virtual, self paced presentation of the curriculum and extension activities created by Dr. Waters. The live, virtual sessions that we offer each quarter consist of the same activities and information. We offer those on Eventbrite via Zoom or Google Meet.