Assignment: Lesson Plan and Response

In this lesson you will create your lesson plan and creative response using the affirmation art process. You can use a gratitude statement as well if you'd like. The infographic towards the bottom outlines the process for you that we went through earlier in the module. Tailor this as you wish for your own comfort and process. The lesson plan templates are included at the bottom in case you don't have them from the other modules.

In your lesson plan consider the following:

  • How will you set up your space?
  • How will you create
  • sacred space before and during the lesson?
  • What group norms do you feel you need?
  • How will you introduce yourself to the group or client?
  • How will you introduce the activity?
  • What content do you want to teach? Or do you only want to teach the mindful art lesson?
  • What grounding practice will you lead? 
  • How will you cue it to your clients (what directions will you give to descript the practice and what to do?)
  • What breathing technique will you use?
  • Will you lead a guided meditation or mindfulness practice as well? Or use a guided practice from a website or an audio file?
  • What music will you use for the activity or will you use music?
  • How will you guide your clients to allow the utmost freedom for them to create from THEIR intuition and not what “looks good”?
  • Will you give feedback to students during the session or not? If so, what kind?
  • What materials will you need? Will you have clients by their own supplies or will you purchase them and charge a fee for supplies? How will you handle church and non profit workshops?
  • How will you teach the artmaking process? Is exploration and play involved?
  • How will you facilitate sharing circles?
  • How will you close the session?

When you have completed it please email it or share via Google Drive at [email protected] .

Affirmation and Gratitude Art Process.pdf
MMADetailedLessonPlan (1).pdf
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